Is Christian Socratism Christian?

The answer to this question depends on you. It depends on how you think and on your brand of Christianity.

Our goal in Christian Socratism is to examine Christian beliefs to see if they hold up to logical analysis. Why do you believe what you do? Does it make sense? How did you come to think the way you do?

Some people will naturally feel threatened when people start to ask questions. Others will feel encouraged, happy for the opportunity to explain the truth they know so that the can share the knowledge.

Is your Christianity strong enough to stand up to scrutiny? In that case, the Socratic process will serve only to strengthen, reaffirm, validate, and help spread the word of truth that you follow. In your case, therefore, Christian Socratism is completely Christian, because it serves your Christianity.

But for those whose Christianity is made up, something they claim to believe because of material gain, or other corrupt reasons, but which is not truly a part of them, watch out.

From the perspective of false Christianity, Christian Socratism is decidedly antichristian, because it will attack the very foundations of your false faith and you will no longer be able to hold your illusion together. I advise you to concoct an accusation against Christian Socratism as soon as you can and try to get people to condemn the process before they get a chance to learn the truth about what it is. Because that truth will lead to the abolition of all false Christianity.

So again, it all depends on what type of Christianity you call Christianity. Our goal here is to strengthen and support true Christianity, so since we believe in the true Christianity, it means we will like Christian Socratism as well. But people who believe in an empty religion that goes by the name “Christian” will see it differently.

What do you think about all this?

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