Religion vs. Spirituality

Whenever you speak the truth, false teachers are going to get upset. Jesus experienced this, as did his disciples, as do all people who speak the truth today. False leaders, who are able to achieve power, wealth, and influence by teaching lies, cannot stand it when you speak the truth.

That’s why they killed Jesus. They were trying to shut him up. The Scribes and Pharisees of modern Christianity have the very same mentality. They do not want anyone to speak the truth.

They have worked hard over the past 2,000 years to set up a system of religion, which goes by the name “Christianity”. But that is not true Christianity. True Christianity is not a religion at all. Religion is a system of doctrines and rules. Things that you have to believe, things you have to do and say, to belong to a group. To be part of the club. But true Christianity is much more than that.

True Christianity means knowing the truth. It is spiritual. It means knowing who you are, where you are, where you are going, and what life is all about. It means having a sense of purpose and direction. It means being in tune with who you are, on the inside. It is self-awareness. Self-realization.

Religion is artificial. Contrived. Forced. Spirituality is authentic and true. Beware of the ongoing efforts of deluded minds to establish a religion in the place of the truth.

In upcoming posts, we will examine this issue of the false Christian religion from many angles. But the most important point is this: Listen to your heart. Are you following rules just because you read them in a book, or heard them from a pulpit? That is fear. True understanding does not work through fear. Faith does not work through fear. When you know the truth, you will love it. You will know what you know, because it is written in your heart. And yes, you may then read where someone else said those same things, or you may hear the man at the pulpit repeat them, and in that case you will agree. But the difference will be in your heart, that you will agree freely, in love, not out of fear.

The Christian Socratism blog will examine many doctrines, to see why people believe what they do. Whatever comes from your heart will easily stand the test of scrutiny, but those religious rules you picked up because you felt you had to will not. That is why we are here. Our goal is freedom! That is the goal of spirituality over religion.

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