Why Did Jesus Die?

I have always heard Christians say that Jesus died for their sins. It seems to be the core doctrine of Christianity. That, they say, is how you are saved, by the blood of Jesus. He sacrificed himself, gave his life, to cleanse you from sins. This is what all Christians say. Right? But what happens when you ask them why the believe this? When someone makes a statement, it should be expected that someone else will at some point ask: “How is that so?” You believe that Jesus’ death caused you to be cleansed from sin? Why?

I recently decided to investigate this question. I looked around Christian websites, looked at videos of pastors talking about the gospel. I was listening for the time when they would explain what exactly they believe and why. But would you believe after dozens of videos and hours of reading, I was able to find nothing of the sort? They never say why they believe what they believe. All they do is repeat the doctrine in many different ways, but always without explanation or motivation for why they believe it.

So, I went to Facebook, joined a few Christian groups, and started to ask people one on one, to find out why they believe what they do. I asked the simple question: “Why do you believe that Jesus’ death caused you to be cleansed from sin? What is it about him dying, which cleanses you?”

I was astounded to discover that none of them had answers. Just more of the same run-around that I found during my earlier research. How can this be? Could it be that these people are just repeating empty phrases because they have been taught that this is what you have to say? Could it be that their Christianity is nothing more than repeating these phrases? Or is there another explanation?

One person explained to me that he believes what he does because he had a personal experience with God, where he suddenly, supernaturally, began to believe these things. In a flash. He was looking at the sunset, not believing in God, and then suddenly he did. Suddenly he believed in God, the bible, Jesus’ substitutionary death, and all of it. My response to him was that maybe he had a real experience with God, but then decided to add all those doctrines to the experience, because he had previously in his life learned to connect God with those doctrines. Isn’t that more reasonable than to think that God supernaturally placed beliefs in your mind?

God created us to be thinking, rational people. We need to examine ourselves and not be deceived. Let us do the world a favor and start asking people why they believe what they do. Let us hold them accountable for their statements of faith.

Do you agree with me that there must be a reason for what you believe, or do you feel comfortable believing things just out of the blue, like the sunset guy? Do you maybe have some sensible answers to the question of how Jesus’ death cleanses from sin? Join the discussion on Facebook. I would love to hear something that makes sense.

One comment

  1. This is a commendable effort! Whether it is called “Christian Socratism” or any other name it is the attitude by which we progress. Keep going bro/sis!


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