What is Christian Socratism?

Welcome! Our goal here is to apply the Socratic method to better understand Christian doctrine and experience.

What is the Socratic method? It is simply asking questions, to break something down into its parts. It is a way of finding out what is true and what is false. The Socratic method is an investigative tool, to separate truth from error.

Why apply this method to Christian doctrine? Because we need to know the truth about Christianity and separate it from lies about Christianity. Are you someone who believes that Jesus is important? Then you should agree that it is important to know the truth about him and get rid of any lies and confusion that exists about him. This is our goal here.

So, who is Jesus, what did he do, what did he teach, and what does this mean for you and me today? Why should we believe any of it? Does it make sense? Is it true? Are some of the things that people say about Jesus true and some false? Are some of the conclusions drawn true and others false? Let us examine and find out together.

Please also see our site rules. And if you ever have questions, comments, or advice, feel free to contact the site admin here. Thank you for visiting us. Enjoy, participate, and don’t forget to tell your friends about Christian Socratism!